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Welcome to the Rabbit Hole

What was missing to take your work to the next level is here. Welcome to the largest Brazilian Creative Marketplace.

PixelHopp is a proudly Brazilian company created to empower our local talents and grow our creative litter. Our platform allows designers, musicians, photographers and programmers to live by doing what they like best – create. We have emerged to be the jump you need to take your projects to the next level and yet enable any creative rabbit to find a new way of life doing what he likes.



Tired of the poor quality carrots found laying around? PixelHopp has come to work only with selected carrots, through our curatorship that guarantees you access to the best products. Each PixelHopp vendor goes are checked by our curators to ensure that only the best products are available to you.

PixelHopp Quality Bundles


No more paying international transaction fees, praying that the dollar will devalue, borrowing an international credit card, or anything like that. We’re here to break this barrier and make quality content more accessible to everyone. As a Brazilian company, we know exactly what our litter of designers expects to pay, and how they are used to paying here.


The Brazilian is a unique people, we all know that. This is why a Brazilian marketplace also needs to be special. Everything here has been designed for this huge market that already has a presence abroad. National payment methods, products with the face of Brazil, and a support and platform all in Portuguese. PixelHopp was made with Brazil in mind!

Meet Our Bunnies

Fabio Cordeiro

Graduated in Multimedia Design Development in the United States and UX from CarrerFoundry (Germany). He worked in several projects at national and international level, including Brazilian cinema.

Felippe Silveira

Experienced in Animation and Motion Graphics, Felippe has had experience in marketplaces since 2012. Other than that, you can find him ahead of his US-based animation studio at MOWE Studio, or teaching interface animation at UX Motion Design in Brazil.

Hoppy - Our Mascot

Hoppy is our mascot and you can find him throughout the site, with tips, or to present you with the best content.

Come hop with us!

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